Friday, July 29, 2011

Martin Ansin’s & Jeff Proctor's AP Editions

Martin Ansin’s "Cronos" Regular (top) & variant

 24 x 34 screenprint
Limited to 345

Variant is limited to 120

Jeff Proctor’s "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

24 x 36 screenprint,
AP edition of 40
There also will be a wood variant

Released TODAY Friday, July 29th at 3pm Central Time


Mondo's "Cowboy's & Aliens" Prints

By Daniel Danger
18 x 24 screen print
Hand numbered
Limited to 420
Printed by D&L Screen Printing
A wood variant will also be available
    By Janée Meadows
 18 x 24 screen print
Hand numbered
Limited to 170

By Tom Whalen

24 x 36 screen print
Hand numbered
Limited to 190
On Sale TODAY July 29 @ a random time


Thursday, July 28, 2011

JC Richard's "We Keep Watch" for




These were created for a short sci-fi film by Jonathan Brebner called "Novos."

12″ x 28″
ten color screenprint

Limited to 120

Two Variants
Limited to 40

On SALE Friday July 29 @ 2pm EST

Graham Erwin's "The Frog Prince"

3 color screenprint
French Paper's Pop-Tone Banana Split paper
Limited to 125 prints
18 x 24
Hand signed and numbered


Jermaine Roger's Soundgarden & Nirvana tribute prints

'I'm Not Like Them..." AP Edition

Created for "NIRVANA: Taking Punk to The Masses" exhibit by the Experience Music Project

18 x 24
printed on cream colored stock
limited to 75

For Soundgarden's recent show in Fairfax, Va.

18 x 24
signed and numbered
limited to 100 prints

On sale Friday July 29 @ 3pm EST

Mystery Tubes from Clint Wilson + Transformers print

Clint Wilson is selling mystery tubes that will include 4 random prints by Wilson plus Tim Doyle's "Transformers" regular or variant.  The "Transformers" print will be near perfect with a slight ink blot or smudge like the image below.  Still well worth it for only $50! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Anthony Lister's "Help Lost Hero" show @ HVW8 Art

The picture gives you most the info but here's a link to a video of the artist with some other greats (Meggs, Lister, & Kid-Zoom) documenting their day in the UK & some work they did together.

David Welker's "The Decemberists" Cleveland Concert

Limited to 120
3-color screen print
15″ x 21″

Sale information coming...

Check out his website HERE

Steven Harrington's “Still Life No. 1″

18″ x 24″
Five color screenprint
Printed on natural cream stock
Limited to 100 signed


Escape Hatch Design "Sanity" Jon Stewart

Inspired by Shepard Fairey's Obama "Hope", Escape Hatch Design has created "Sanity."

Shepard Fairey's Urban Roots

18 x 24 screen print
signed and numbered
Limited to 450
released Friday July 29, 2011 at a random time

Kevin Tong's Crazy 4 Cult Prints + new Alice colorway

“Think What I Think, Feel What I Feel”

“Here’s Where I Live…Lived”

Created for Crazy 4 Cult

“Here’s Where I Live…Lived” is based on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
18″ x 24″ screenprint
 Limited to 60

“Think What I Think, Feel What I Feel” based on Being John Malkovich
18″ x 24″ screenprint
 Limited to 60

Can also be bought as a set for $100

On sale today Wed. 7/27 at a random time.

Kevin Tong's “American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns”
new colorway 
24″ x 36″ screenprint
Limited to 250

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rich Pellegrino's "Zelda's Slumber; Dreaming of The Kiss"

Acrylic and Gouache on Hardboard
More info to come...

Rich Rayburn's “Paul Bunyan”

18″ x 24″ screenprint
Limited to 125

4 New Olly Moss T-Shirts this Thursday

Thursday July 28 Moss will release 4 new Select tees


Popshot Magazine's "The Print Shop" 6 new prints

Popshot Magazine's  "The Print Shop"

6 giclee prints by Sam Green, Mydeadpony, Devin McGrath, Tom Hovey, City Abyss and Esra Røise.

550mm x 675mm each
Limited to 150 each
Giclee printed

Kris Johnson's "Beirut and Lady Lamb the Beekeeper"

For the bands Beirut and Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

5 color screen print
20 x 26
Limited to 100
signed and numbered

online Friday 7/29



Matt W. Moore's Infinity Knot Theory

7 Color Screen Print
Limited to 50


Emek's Eddie Vedder Concert Print

limited to 100
signed & numbered
embossed & doodled
18 x 24
Thursday, July 28th at 12 noon PST


Monday, July 25, 2011

Gallery 1988 presents The Pee-Wee Herman Tribute Show

"Shit" by Moniker Drops Thursday, July 28

16 x 20 inch Arches Natural White 100% Rag Watercolor Paper 140 lb. Cold Press with deckled edges

Edition of 40

Each piece is unique (hand "speckled" by the artist)

Drops Thursday, July 28, 2011


Moniker is well known for his Di$ney print which can be bought HERE

Munk One's Las Vegas Soundgarden Print

From the July 23rd show at The Joint in Las Vegas.

Signed and Numbered
ON SALE TODAY Monday July 25th 2011 at 10am PST
Limited to 100
$55.00 each

Avengers Assemble!!!!

Can't wait to see this movie!!!

Click for a bigger picture.

I'm sure this will be released as a poster.  I'll let you know when it does.

Two Rabbits Studio's Black Lips

Limited to 50
20 x 15
on white coverstock

Esao Andrew's new Easter Bunny print

Esao Andrews new print looks to be a bunny on a Easter egg.

16"x 16"
signed, numbered
Limited to 100

On Sale HERE @ noon EST

Fake's "Destroy"

This new print will be released on 2nd of August 15:00 Amsterdam time

Limited to 25 (All are unique)
Spray paint on 360gsm art paper

Available HERE on August 2nd at 15:00 Amsterdam time

Seldon Hunt's Laser engraving on enameled Latvian Birch

Laser engraving on enameled Latvian Birch.
Red Variant / Edition of 5
Black / Edition of 20.
14.25 x 22”
Signed and numbered
Mounted on .5” Latvian birch backing, w/ router detail for hanging.
Wrapped in a unique hand printed wrapping paper, shipped in a rigid box.

Black $240 + S&H

Red Variant $280 + S&H

On Sale HERE Monday at a Random Time

Dan Grzeca's “Six Feet High and Rising”

“Six Feet High and Rising”
18″ x 24″
seven color screen print
limited to 275