Saturday, December 31, 2011

Todd Slater's Bill Murray Tribute Prints

"Raleigh St. Clair"
18" x 24" 5 color silkscreen
S/N edition of 150

"This print was commissioned by San Francisco's Spoke Art Gallery for their yearly Wes Anderson show. This is the third print in a series of Bill Murray characters from Wes Anderson films that I've done. The quote at the bottom reads: Dudley suffers from a rare disorder combining symptoms of amnesia, dyslexia, and colorblindness, with a highly acute sense of hearing."

"Lost in Translation"
18" x 24" 7 color silkscreen
S/N edition of 125

"This print was commissioned by Gallery 1988 for their Bill Murray themed show. Murray's character, Bob Harris, is searching for meaning/purpose while in Tokyo shooting an ad for whiskey. The Japanese running across the page symbolizes the whispers of the people all around him, and the luminous shapes that fill his profile are the flickering lights of the Tokyo skyline. Bob is lost amongst the high rises and a language he does not speak..."

$40 each
There were variants available but these went on sale last night around midnight EST & they sold out quick

Friday, December 30, 2011

Eric Tan's "The Lion King"

I really hope this is released as a print.  Here is some info. from Eric:
"Being creatively inspired and motivated each day is one of the greatest things about working in the same environment with other artists . I'm lucky enough to work with people who love collaborating and energizing the rest of the group by initiating fun personal projects that are a nice break from our daily duties.

Eric Hutchison, a fellow artist at Disney came up with a cool idea to create our own stylized piece based on one of Disney's famous villains. These interpretive pieces would eventually go into a hallway gallery on campus which showcased each artists' take on a familiar foe. I chose Scar from The Lion King.

Since I LOVE combining imagery and typography, you can probably guess what I chose to do. That's right, another movie poster (yawn!). My take on The Lion King is from Scar's standpoint, as the one who will do anything to be king. Therefore the tone is a lot darker as Scar's presence looms over the kingdom.

A project like this, which really has no limitations and reflects our own personal style is always exciting. Seeing where the other artists took their chosen villain was really inspirational. Although we all work in the same office on a lot of the same projects, we definitely keep our own individual aesthetic and personalities going. Hopefully we get to do more of these in the future."

Visit him HERE 

Guy Bourraine Jr.'s "Batman Beyond" Movie Poster

If only this was really coming in 2015.  Still a cool movie poster.

Rainbath Visual's “Natural Selection”

18″ x 24″ screenprint
edition of 75

Anville's “Tyto Alba”

 Midnight Variant
18″ x 24″ nine color screenprint
edition of 75

18″ x 24″ ten color midnight variant
edition of 35

On sale Friday, December 30th @ 3pm CST

Mike Mitchell's "George Skullington" & New Spoke Art Show

Mike Mitchell's Description:
"This is the piece that I’ll be showing in the Supersonic Electronic Invitational which opens Thursday, January 5th at Spoke Art in San Francisco, CA. It’s a limited, signed and numbered edition of 25. 16”x20” giclee.  It’s been a long time since I put this much time into a painting. It’s based on steel engraving done by William Holl of Washington Receiving a Salute on the Field of Trentonby which was painted by John Faed.  If you live near San Francisco, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s probably the most talent heavy show I’ve been a part of and I’m really stoked to be among such great artists."

Martin Ansin's "Dracula"

 24"x36" screen print. Hand Numbered. Edition of 350. $45
 24"x36" screen print with metallic inks. Hand Numbered. Edition of 100. $85
Approximately 21"x 36" screen print on wood. Hand Numbered. Edition of 75. $135

On sale @ a random time on Friday, December 30th HERE 

Tom Whalen's "TWO-GUN MICKEY"

18"x24" screen print. Hand Numbered. Edition of 370. $45

On sale @ a random time on Friday, December 30th HERE

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chuck Sperry's "Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons"

Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons at Dante’s Portland
December 31, 2011
Edition of 100
22 x 28
6 colors on archival cream paper
Signed and Numbered
This poster will be available through Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons at the show on Saturday, December 31, 2011.
Chuck will be making a very limited release of this poster on Sunday, January 1, 2012 at a random time HERE.

Wes Winship's "Twin City Lines" miniprint

"Lately, Wes has been doing a lot of research on the history of Minneapolis, specifically on the stories behind some of our favorite buildings - such as First Avenue - and our city's features which are no longer around - such as the city's rapid transit railroad system.
Here's a nostalgic miniprint based on a 1914 Twin Cities streetcar map, showing the tracks which ran from St. Louis Park up into Columbia Heights and New Brighton and all the way over past the Burlesque studio into the far reaches of Saint Paul. Wes added some cool subtle nuances and warm splashes of color to reanimate the original map and make this piece look sharp in your home."
17 x 11"
3 color screenprint on French Speckletone Oatmeal paper

Source:  Burlesque Design Website

Chuck Sperry's "Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band"

This is a poster for a very rare San Francisco appearance of Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band.

Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band at the Regency
Wednesday, December 28, 2011
31 x 21.5
Edition of 175
5 colors on archival cream paper
Signed and Numbered 
On sale today, Thursday, December 29, 2011 at a random time HERE.

DKNG's "Phish - New Year's Run"

 Phish - New Year's Run (Blue)
  Phish - New Year's Run (Green)

Edition of 700
18" x 24"
A very limited amount of each poster will be on sale at a random time on New Year’s Eve.

Ryan McCann's "Death to Banksy"

12.25 x 21.5 Giclee on 330gsm 100% Archival Cotton Paper
Limited to 60
Signed & Numbered
$60 unframed
$170 framed 
(The curated frame for this print includes a 1.25" black wood frame, uv-blocking glass, archival backing, frame spacers, paper mounted to back of frame to guard against dust, and it's ready to hang.)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kevin Tong's "Snow White"

18"x24" screen print with metallic ink. Hand Numbered. Edition of 225. $40
18"x24" screen print with metallic ink. Hand Numbered. Edition of 95. $65

Created for the TV Show "Once Upon A Time"
On sale @ a random time on Thursday, December 29

Emek's Final 2011 Poster + Retrospective & Book Signing

Emek's final poster of 2011 is for The Flaming Lips and Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band on New Years Eve.

He will be spending the NEW YEARS weekend in Oklahoma City as personal guests of The Flaming Lips...

Friday, Dec. 30th at 7pm
Join us for an EMEK Poster Retrospective and BOOK Signing
WOMB Gallery : 25 NW 9th street Okc, OK 73102
Visit them HERE

Snowblinded's "Elk Peak"

Screen printed on high quality 100lbs matte paper
18"x 24"
Limited to 100
signed and numbered
$30 + shipping

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Esao Andrews & Allison Sommers @ Thinkspace Gallery

 Esao Andrews 'Spring Hare' - Oil on panel (2011)
Coming up on January 7th at Thinkspace
Esao Andrews "Nowhere"
Allison Sommers "Potter's Field"
Reception with the artists:
Sat, January 7th 5-8PM

Take a sneak peek at Esao Andrews' "Nowhere" here:
Allison Sommers 'Base Camp' - Gouache on illustration board (2011)
Take a sneak peek at Allison Sommers' "Potter's Field" here:

They will be issuing 2 new prints from Esao for the opening on Sat, January 7th and they will also have two recent prints from Allison available for all to pickup. Additional details to follow next week.

Source: Thinkspace Gallery Newsletter

Friday, December 23, 2011

Mark Lone's "Who You Gonna Call?"

Limited to 95 copies.
6 colour Screen Print including a metallic silver and gloss dark grey
There is also a hidden ghost on the print
Created for the Hyde Park Picturehouse in Leeds.

Friday 30th December 5.40PM to 7.40PM
Sunday 1ST January 5.40PM to 7.40PM

£23.00 delivered to the UK (first class)
£27.00 delivered to the US (first class)

They also still have some Rhys Cooper's "Back to the Future"
Limited edition of 200
16 x 26"
Black/Brown/Blue/Metallic Copper, Silver and Gold
It's for a good cause:
"We are rasing money through the sale of this print for Team Fox, so far we've donated $1500. With your support the $2000 target is in our sights. Please help us make a difference."

Each print with shipping costs are:
International Airsure = £37
International 1st Class = £32
UK = £28

The Art of Zissou Tasseff-Elenkoff

Here are two examples of his work.
Many more are available.
Limited Edition Prints
$25 each
Visit him HERE

Thomas Hooper's "Winter Solstice (Black Mandalas Series:1)"

Set of 28 individual 5-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ screen prints (white water based ink on black cover-stock paper). Prints are separated in groups of 7 and enclosed in 4 metallic gold heavy stock carbon printed envelopes sealed with gold foil stickers.
Envelopes are housed in hand stained, hand sanded wooden boxes with metallic gold screen printed cover, inside lid and raised floor panel with black satin Grosgrain pull ribbon.
Each box is signed and hand numbered by the artist on floor panel.
Color of box and wood grain may vary.
This is a limited edition of 100 and will not be remade.
This item will begin shipping the first week of January.
The opening of this edition marks the official launch of Artifact Publishing on the December 22nd 2011 Winter Solstice. The longest night of the calendar year.
Price: $120.00

Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Once Upon A Time" Book with Kevin Tong's Artwork

Once Upon a Time: A Collection of Classic Fairy Tales
Stories from Brothers Grimm
Featuring Kevin Tong's artwork.
Only $10.87 @ Amazon HERE

Ross Zietz “Barneys”

18″ x 24″ screenprint
edition of 100
100 people must purchase this item before it will be sent in to production

ikon's "THE COLONEL"

Printed on a 180gsm stock using UV resistant inks
400 x 420mm
signed and hand numbered
Limited Edition of 25
Celebrating all that was good in the world, Colonel Gadaffi & Kentucky Fried Chicken who have now axed their 50 year old slogan.

Jason Edmiston’s “Donkey King”

Originally for sale at Gallery 1988: Venice from the "Old School Video Game" group show which featured limited edition posters inspired by classic video games.

5 color screenprint
18″ x 24"
edition of 35

Friday is Gremlin's Day @ Mondo

 Poster by Ken Taylor. 24″x36″ screen print. Hand Numbered. Regular Edition of 370.
 Poster by Ken Taylor. 24″x36″ screen print. Hand Numbered. Variant Edition of 115.
 Poster by Phantom City Creative. 24″x36″ screen print. Hand Numbered. Edition of 320.
This thing is ultra posable as there are 20 points of articulation. It comes bagged with a header card

These are all on sale Friday, December 23 @ a random time HERE

Kevin Tong's "Sleeping Beauty"

 18"x24" screen print with metallic ink. Hand Numbered. Edition of 225.  $40
18"x24" screen print with metallic ink. Hand Numbered. Edition of 95. $65

On sale at a random time on Thursday, December 22 HERE

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ken Taylor's "Gremlins"

24" x 36"
Signed & Numbered

This was screened by Mondo last night.  Ken Taylor did the poster & Moon Editions did the ornament.  Hopefully there will be some for sale on Mondo later this week.

Iron Jaiden's "Serenity"

4-color screen print on French speckletone “oatmeal” stock paper
18” x 24”
limited to approx. 30 copies
signed and numbered
It was sold at a Dec. 1st screening at Cinema Overdrive
There may be some on eBay

Mr. Brainwash's "Art Show 2011" Time Change

There has been a change in time to the preview for Art Show 2011. The doors will now be
opening at 7pm on December 22nd.
More info. HERE 

Denial's "Freak Out & Break Stuff"

Measures 12 x 16 x 2 stencil with unique hand painted backgrounds.
Also each print comes with a Denial T-shirt of the same design.
Limited to 55
Signed & Numbered

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rene Gagnon's "Marilyn Monroe - Everything To Say. No Time To Say It"

Each piece measures 30 inches X 30 inches and is READY TO HANG, NO FRAME NEEDED.
Edition size is 10 of each image. All pieces have a small plate on the back indicating year of creation,
edition number, signature. Each piece also includes a COA (the envelope is mounted to the back of the piece).
$650 each
$3500 set