Saturday, August 27, 2011

Karl Read's “Independent Woman” from CMYK Projects

18″ x 24″  Screen print on Coventry Cotton Rag 250 GSM Paper
5 colors with satin over print
Edition of 100
Signed & Numbered
Includes Certificate of Authenticity

$85 in U.S., $95 to Canada, $105 everywhere else


Mr. Brainwash's "Never Give Up" large scale variation

Mr.Brainwash's tribute print "Never Give Up" is being re-released as a large scale variation.

It's a hand-finished, five color screen print on archival art paper.

signed, numbered, and thumb printed by the artist.

26" x 50"
It's $350 & comes in Pink, Blue, Green, Orange, & Yellow.

On sale Tuesday, August 30th at 12pm PST

Friday, August 26, 2011

Spoke Art's "September Group Show" 9/1/11

"September Group Show - 9/1/11 
Following our successful 'Taste of Things to Come' a few weeks ago, Spoke is proud to announce that our next group show featuring Charmaine Olivia, Handiedan, Craww and Tatiana Suarez opens this Thursday night at our San Francisco gallery!

As an added bonus, limited edition prints by all four artists will be available at the opening, and online the next day!

Our buyer's preview will be going out on Monday, if you'd like to get an advance look at the new original works, please send an email to:

RSVP and more info here."

This comes directly from their newsletter which you can sign up for at their site here.

Rich Pellegrino's "Royal Tenenbaums"

18" x 20" (image size 17.5" x 17.5")
signed and numbered by the artist
edition of 200
archival giclee on 300# cold press watercolor paper

For the upcoming Wes Anderson-inspired show, 'Bad Dads' at Spoke Art this Halloween.



Dave Kinsey's "Woman in Repose"

BLK/MRKT Editions
4-color screenprint on 100% cotton rag
: 120
: 24 x 18 inches



Tom Whalen's "Super Powers"

"Sideshow Collectibles and Mondo Tees are proud to present the Super Powers Screen Print, inspired by DC's famed toy line. Featuring Superman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and many others, with artwork by Tom Whalen, each print measures 24 inches by 36 inches. Extremely limited to just 250 pieces worldwide, the Super Powers Screen Print is an outstanding fine art piece to display in any collection."

 $99.99 + shipping

Thumbtack Press Reopens with a ton of prints

Crosshair's New Prints & Mystery Dent Tube

"The brand new art print 415 N Kedzie and last year's 325 N Elizabeth are the first two installments in an open-ended series of silkscreen prints depicting anonymous structures on Chicago's West side. In celebration of 415's release, we are giving you the opportunity to get both prints for $70...that's $20 less than both prints bought separately. For more info on each print, look at their entries in the store.
This offer will not last forever so, you know what to do. Operators are standing by."

There are more new prints from Crosshair, Visit them HERE

They also have a "Crosshair scratch & dent tube of horrors" BUY it HERE

Chris Shaw's "Public Enemy" Gig Poster

20″ x 30″ on 100 lb. Cougar paper
Edi­tion of 145
Signed & Numbered 

The regular plus the 3 Variants (Blue, Dark Blue, & Blue Pearl)

For the August 19, 2011 con­cert at the Regency Ball­room in San Fran­cisco, CA.
On sale TODAY 8/26 after 10:00 am PST


Thursday, August 25, 2011

MONDO Drops Daniel Danger's "STAR TREK"

 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 320.  $45
24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Variant edition of 165.  $75

As far as the $75 variant.  It was sold @ SDCC & it's on eBay for $50 ($70 buy it now).  I've been watching these & they haven't been selling.  You'll get it cheaper from a flipper off of eBay after the drop.

Here's some interesting info. if your a giant nerd like me.  This picture is of V'GER which is a space probe called Voyager that traveled through a black hole to the Borg home planet & was reconstructed in order to fulfill it's prime objective, "learn all that is learnable and return that knowledge to the creator."  This is mentioned in William Shatner's book "The Return" which takes place after Star Trek: Generations.

Enough with the nerd stuff, they will be on sale 8/26 @ a random time. Between 11am-1pm EST


"8-Bit Champions" an artshow tribute to old school video games heroes

(poster art & design by Glen Brogan /

"About time ! A pixelized artshow in Paris ! I’m proud to announce that, in collaboration with Chogrin of the Autumn Society, the Flaq gallery, in Paris, will host during a month « 8-Bits Champions », an awesome artshow tribute to old school video games heroes ! For those who don’t know, the Autumn Society is a collective of illustrators from all around the USA, who organize rad artshows I always wanted to visit like the 3G Show, the 3B Show, or more recently Shell Shock… Well that’s it, we joined forces, and those nice fellows are coming right here in Paris. They won’t be alone, though, because I curated great French artists who are really eager to participate ! So yeah, it’s the first international artshow for the Autumn Society, and it’s a real pleasure to welcome them !

The place ? The Flaq gallery.

Located 36 rue Quincampoix (Amélie Poulain’s fans will certainly know the name !), the Flaq gallery is a beautiful and unique place in Paris. With 2 basements, it can host numerous pieces of art in spaces beautifully decorated. One of its room is entirely composed of old middle age vaults, which bring an Indiana Jones atmosfear… But La Flaq is also a place you can eat and drink wonderful Italian wines, cheese and hams (nothing to do with the fact that the owner is Italian! ). So here we are, standing in a gorgeous gallery, watching awesome pieces of art dedicated to video games, with a glass of red wine in the hand… What else ? Well…

The games :
Amongst others, here is what kind of games artists have been asked to work on :
Voici quelques uns des jeux que nous avons proposé aux artistes :
Super Mario, Tetris, Megaman, Zelda, Pac Man, Arkanoïds, Lemmings, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Battletoads, Prince of Persia, Contra, Bubble Bobble, Dragon’s Lair, Duck Hunt, Gauntlet, Ghost’n'Goblins, Centipede, Dig Dug, Bomber Man, Kid Icarus, Metroid, Double Dragon, CastleVania, Ninja Gaiden, Punch-Out, Golden Axe ou encore Strider…"

9/15 7pm Paris, France

Black Book Gallery's ASVP "Down to Earth" Exhibit

Friday, September 2nd 2011
ASVP "Down to Earth"
Join us Friday, September 2nd from 7pm till 12am
Free and open to the public
Artists will be in attendance

Denver, CO (August 24, 2011) - ASVP is a New York based artistic team of two that began working together over 8 years ago and has more than 20 years of combined creative experience. The team has created paintings, murals and poster art that has been displayed in major cities across the world including London, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Hawaii, Zürich, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Varanasi India as well as New York City.
“The clean look and feel of the work comes from our commercial training in graphic design and advertising, but for us, many of the actual images are reflective of “a break-out” from a certain type of creative jail that we both found ourselves in. We felt like we were in the Creative Matrix—and we finally figured out how to unplug.”
» Read More

If you would like to receive an online preview of available artwork please use the contact page to notify us.

Prefab77 "Soul on Fire" production video

Unhuman's "LET ME BLOW YOUR MIND " + free t-shirt

STYLE: 3 color print on 300 grams white paper.
YEAR: 2011
SIZE: w 450 mm x h 320 mm
MEDIA - Giclee
PRICE - 50 euro ( shipping including worldwide )
EDITION: Strictly limited to only five copies: # 5
Please note, this print is numbered, signed and stamped by the artist him self which makes it 100% artist proof. 

aelhra's "LIE Assassination Set" & "Summer Vacation"

"LIE 3, 4, 5 Set (Regular)"
18" X 24" each 
2 color screen prints
signed & numbered edition of 30 each


There is also a Hand-Deckled variant for $90.00 limited to 10 each
"Summer Vacation"
"I'm offering several of these each uniquely hand-painted.  Sample shown..yours will look different. Expect a lot of variation on these!"
18" X 24" hand-painted on watercolor paper, hand-deckled
signed/stamped original

All are on sale today 8/25 @ 8pm EST

Justin Helton's My Morning Jacket & Jeff Bridges Gig Posters

18″ x 24″ screenprints
Limited to 150-250, depending on which you pick
On sale Friday, August 26th @ 3pm EST


Campbell Laird's "Candy Swirl Graphics"

 There are a bunch of these discounted for a limited tim via the link.  They vary in size & price.

Here is some info about the artist:
"Campbell Laird is an award-winning visual artist whose deliciously vibrant and graphic work has been commissioned by everyone from American Express to Dwell. We’re proud to offer a rare selection of his archival, limited edition (and, not to mention, eco-friendly) artworks, all printed and signed by the artist himself!"

"My art prints are the Lamborghini's of the print world. My printers are like customized Hot Rods, I get under the hood & tweak n' tinker till they create a print way superior in color fidelity to anyone else."
– Campbell Laird, Artist at Campbell Laird Studio


James Flames "Blitzen Trapper" & "Pee Wee Herman" Prints

The Man WHo Would Speak True
Blitzen Trapper - Summer Tour 2011
18"x24" Six Color Screen Print, Edition of 160 - $25 each.

Friends with Pee Wee Herman!
Part of the art show "I Know You Are But What Am I", celebrating Pee Wee Herman,
at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, CA.
18"x24" Eight Color Screen Print, Edition of 100 - $30 each.

Matthew Bone's "WD 2: This Season the Rabbits are Doing the Hunting"

"This is the first print ever to be made available by Los Angeles based painter Matthew Bone from his contribution to the infamous "Inle" show at LA's Gallery 1988. Hand signed and numbered, there will be a limited number of 72 prints made available to the public before it is forever retired."

24" x 36" Giclee print on fine art Elegance 320g cotton rag


Silent Giants "Avette Brothers" & "Iron & Wine" Gig Posters

18" x 24"
3 Color Screenprints
Edition of 100 for Avette 150 for Iron & Wine

$25 each


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Angry Blue's "Let's Kill Something"

Signed & Numbered
18" x 24" 2-colored screenprint
Limited to 100
The split fountain is random, and gradiates from pink/red/orange


Jonathan LeVine Gallery presents "REVOLUTIONS: The Album Cover Art of Shepard Fairey"

JLG_logo 2
"Many thanks to all who joined us this month for the opening reception of our two current exhibitions — a solo exhibition of new works by Olek, and our Annual Summer Invitational group exhibition, both in their final week, closing on August 27th.


Jonathan LeVine Gallery is proud to announce REVOLUTIONS: The Album Cover Art of Shepard Fairey, a special exhibition presented in conjunction with All Tomorrow's Parties (ATP) music festival, next month at a pop-up space located on the boardwalk in Asbury Park, NJ. The opening reception will be held on Thursday, September 29th, 2011 from 6—9pm and will remain on view through Monday October 3rd, 2011. Please click HERE for further details."

This comes straight from there August newsletter, the main points are:
It's at a pop-up space located on the boardwalk in Asbury Park, NJ
Opening reception is Thursday, September 29th, 2011 6—9pm
The last day is Monday October 3rd, 2011

Joe Black's "No More Heroes" triptych Gold edition

 "Carry your own Sins Missy - (Golden)"
 "Animal Farm - (golden)"
"Eat my Lies - (Golden)"
Sheet size approx 56cm x 80cm
Archival Giclee (308grm) print with silk screen gloss and hand finished with gold leaf, oil paint and Karisma pencil detailing
Print signed and numbered by the artist

Limited to 7 each
On sale Thursday 25th at 13.00 BST

BUY them HERE 

Ben Allen's "Hope Series Mini Pink"

2 colour screenprint
Signed edition of 15
Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm

Daniel Lumbini Dusked Series of 5 Original Pieces

"Dusked #5"

Original mixed media work
5 colour freestyled screenprint with collage and handfinishing
Varied edition of 5, each one unique

Edition: 1
Size: approx. 45 x 35 cm

Get 10% off on any purchase by using the code SUMMER10!


Grafter's "Gilding the Lily"

"Size: 30x20 inches
Medium: Hand painted onto 300gsm Somerset Hot Pressed Watercolour paper using Montana Gold spray paint.

Made using 5 hand cut stencils and freehand colouring with hand applied random splashes, making each individual piece unique.
Some prints may include extra colours within the flower.

Signed: Yes
Blind stamped: Yes
Edition: 50
Price: £110
P&P: £10 UK, £17 Everywhere Else"


Army of Cats presents "Ride Hard & Earn the Downhill"

3 colour silkscreen print 
edition of 60
This print was designed and exhibited as part of the 2011 Artcrank London event. 
£30.00 including shipping


 Regular 56 x 76cm / Edition of 50 / Signed & Numbered/ £100.00
AP 56 x 76cm / 5 Available / Signed & Numbered / £200.00

Andy Kehoe's "Forever My Fellow"

6″ x 6″ giclee

Limited to 200




Keithing's "Custom 14.5" 3A Popbot"

"This customized Popbot stands at 15" tall, it's inspired by the Super Solider "Captain America".
Figure Designed: Ashley Wood
Customized: Keithing
Material: ABS Plastic, fully posable action figure"


HYDRO74's “The Awakening of Aegolius” for Burlesque Design

18″ x 24″ screenprint
Limited to 100
$45 shipped
On sale 8/25 @ 2pm CST


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kevin Tong's "Invisible Man"

3 color screen print with metallic inks
24" x 36" 100 lb white cover paper
AP Silver edition of 50
On SALE Now for $80


JJ Harrison's "Dharma Strikes Back!" + Lost AP Print

 Locke Edition
15 x 22″ giclee
limited edition of 200
signed and numbered
 Radzinsky Edition
15 x 22″ giclee
limited edition of 42
signed and numbered
“May the Force Be with You All Everybody” Artist Proof
15 x 22″ giclee
personalized to you limit 1