Saturday, August 6, 2011

4 New Exhibits TODAY @ Gallery Nucleus

Gallery Nucleus

Cinderalla by Junko Mizuno

THIS SATURDAY - meet the artist - exhibit & signing

On Display: August 6 - August 29, 2011
Opening Reception: August 6, 7 to 10pm

Enter the extraordinary world of Junko Mizuno's Cinderalla, a mindwarping revision of the classic fairy tale, complete with flying zombies and anemic pop stars, told with a touch of black humor.

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, all 120 pages of original ink drawings and cover illustrations will be on display and available for collectors.

PLUS, each illustration will be accompanied by one of-five special edition gicleƩ prints only available through the purchase of an original illustration.

MEET JUNKO MIZUNO as she signs copies of the Cinderalla book & more. Pick up your very own exclusive Cinderalla t-shirt. Enter to win hourly raffle prizes. See the original pages of this popular manga in person!

Learn more


Embodiments by Jeremy Enecio


On Display: August 6 - August 29, 2011
Opening Reception: August 6, 7 to 10pm
In ancient folklore, the nymph is often portrayed as a playful spirit, a young female deity of nature residing deep in forests and mountains.  In this series, artist Jeremy Enecio expands upon this mythology devising realms more relevant to modern day constructs where nymphs can be found animating technology or poverty.

St. George and the Dragon by Justin Gerard


On Display: August 6 - August 29, 2011
Opening Reception: August 6, 7 to 10pm

Hunting dragons is no easy task.  Just ask St. George, the original dragon slayer. Armed with only a lance and nobility, George ventured deep into the dragon's lair, when the reptilian beast threatened to devour the king's only daughter.  After engaging the monster in combat, George managed to capture the beast and behead it before all the fearful townspeople.  Gerard re-envisions this legendary tale with original watercolors and oils.  Process work will also be on display.

A Wolf in the Fold Installation

THIS SATURDAY - Meet the artist
On Display: August 6 - October 3, 2011
Opening Reception: August 6, 7 to 10pm

This new installation work by artist Rick O'Brien is being presented for the first time this Saturday. It has an impactful presence and is a result from the artists recent exploration into the human form. The above image is a detail of the piece that is larger than life. Meet the artist on August 6th.

Currently not available for online viewing but it should be later today or tomorrow.

Click HERE to view the exhibits.

If you live in California click HERE for an adress & contact info.

Check out Dan McCarthy & Jay Ryan @ Gallery 1988 Show HERE

For more new releases & shows Click HERE

MONSTER CREEPS an art show/tribute to the films by Fred Dekker

"CHOGRIN PRESENTS: MONSTER CREEPS, an art show & tribute to the films by Fred Dekker (Night of the Creeps / Monster Squad), featuring art from members of the Autumn Society & other special guests!

FEATURING: An appearance & signing by writer & director Fred Dekker (with purchase of poster)

WHEN: Saturday, August 6th (8pm-10pm)

WHERE: Dark Delicacies ( / 3512 W. Magnolia, Burbank, CA 91505 )

SPECIAL SCREENING: A special screening of Monster Squad will be held at the Banshee theater ( / 3435 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank 91505 ) with a Q&A moderated by Germain Lussier of The screening stars at 11 p.m. and will be first come, first served.

ART: View the art featured in the show (updated weekly)

MORE ABOUT: Read on how this show came to be
SPONSORED BY: Stange Kids Club ( / Fright Rags ( / Dead of Night Radio ( / The Autumn Society (


ON SALE TODAY 8/7 Brad Klausen's Phish poster

12 x 24
Limited to 1000 only 75 available
8 Colors (cyan is metallic)

On sale Sunday August 7th 2 PM PST

Friday, August 5, 2011

AP "Eddie Vedder" in Oakland by Jordan Buckley

8 color screen print
Limited to 100
Signed & Numbered


DKNG's "Your Wish Is Granted" from the movie BIG

Regular Light

Glow In The Dark Inks

Black Light

• 24" x 9" Diptych (each print in the set is 24"x9" - sold as a pair)
• Four color screen print
• Glows in the dark (scroll over image to see sample)
• Printed on 100lb Cougar White by Danny Askar
• Signed and numbered by DKNG
• Limited edition of 50

Ollie Boyd's Star Wars Prequel Print Set

Ollie Boyd Star Wars Prequel Print Set
24 x 36"
Obviously inspired by Olly Moss

For information on buying contact him at

Click HERE to check out more of his work

Tim Doyle's "Clerks" Wait List

Austin Books & Comics will be screening Clerks this Thursday at Blue Starlite Drive-in Theatre; 2326 E. Cesar Chavez Austin Texas.

Both are 16 x 24
Regular edition of 325
Variant edition of 125
I know I've posted this before but I just found out both will be on sale over the weekend at their store BUT you can be put on a waiting list for any that are unsold over the weekend.

Send an e-mail to:

or visit them HERE

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spoke Art's 'A Taste of Things to Come' Show

'A Taste of Things to Come'

Annual preview of our upcoming 2011/2012 schedule

Opening night - Thursday, August 4th

"Spoke Art Gallery is pleased to announce "A Taste of Things to Come." This group exhibition features emerging and distinguished artists whose work we will be showing throughout the year. "A Taste of Things to Come" aims to give an introduction to our personality and taste, while highlighting artists we find important and intriguing. This worldly and diverse group of painters and illustrators present their unique perspective while working within the new contemporary art genre

For next Thursday's show, we will be displaying works by: Handiedan (Netherlands), Nimit Malavia (Ottowa), Serge Gay Jr. (SF), Rod Luff (Sydney), Jonas Lofgren (Berlin), Casey Weldon (LA), Tim Doyle (Austin), Ron Ulicny (Portland) and Sam Wolfe Connelly (NYC).

We will be hosting a special collector's viewing with wine and snacks from 6pm - 8pm and also an opening night party from 8pm - 11pm.

Show on view through August 25th.

To receive an online buyers preview in advance of the opening, please email

RSVP and more info here "

Click HERE to view the preview.

Dan McCarthy & Jay Ryan @ Gallery 1988 Show

The picture says it all but what doesn't sell out should be on their site on Saturday, August 6

First Preview Print by Dan McCarthy


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2 New Mondo Prints ON SALE Tomorrow 8/4


Poster by Phantom City Creative
24 x 36 screen print
Hand numbered
Limited to 165
Printed by D&L Screen Printing


Poster by Jason Edmiston.
18 x 24 screen print
Hand numbered
Limited to 200
Printed by D&L Screen Printing

On Sale 8/4 at a random time (usually between 11:00am-1:00pm EST)

Check Out Justin Van Genderen's Work! Great Stuff!

Justin Van Genderen is an artist I just found & I love his work!  These are a few of my favorites by him.  What's great is you can pick print size, framed or canvas, etc.

Joshua Budich's "Fight Club" Marla Variant

"FIGHT CLUB" Marla Variant
4-color 18 x24 screenprint
Signed & Numbered
Limited-edition of 75 prints
$40 + shipping ($10 US, $18 CAN, $25 International)


Here's the 24 x 36 original (the new one is only 18 x 24)

You can buy the original Artist Proof by Clicking HERE

Original NES Cartridge Desk Clocks

My Personal Favorite!!!

These are friggin sweet!  I got the Zelda one above!

Here are the details from Etsy:

"The clock is made from from the original Nintendo cartridge, is then mounted on a desk stand, and has clock movements inserted into it. The clock will make a great addition to an office, a bedroom, or even the center piece on your mantle. Great for a gift for that hard to shop for person or for yourself.

The clock movements run on 1 AA battery for 2-3 years and keep time within 2-3 minutes per year."

You know you want one!  BUY one HERE

There are also Atari Cartridge Clocks  BUY one HERE

Justin Hampton's "Queens of the Stone Age"

Queens of the Stone Age, Portland, OR

A 4-color screen print on 100 lb acid free paper stock
18 x 24
Signed & Numbered
Limited to 75

There are also some variants!

On sale TODAY August 3rd @ noon PST


Shepard Fairey's "Obey Dove Print Set"

2 18 × 24 prints.
signed and numbered
limited to 325 prints

August 4th @ a random time


Jack Hudson’s “The Explorers”

Tiny Showcase presents Jack Hudson’s “The Explorers”
5.5 x 8 giclee
Limited to 100

Definitely support this guy, part of the $$ goes to a good cause, read below:

"Jack has chosen the Alzheimer's Society as his artwork's charity. Alzheimer's Society is the leading support and research charity for people in the United Kingdom with dementia. Alzheimer's Society is a membership organization, which works to improve the quality of life of people affected by dementia. $250 dollars from the sale of Jack's artwork will be donated to the organization."

Godmachine's "Nuke Em High"

Regular Edition

Variant Edition

18 x 24
regular edition 135
variant edition of 65
On Sale Friday 8/5 @ a random time

Dr. Mikey's "Cowboy's & Aliens"

18x24" Giclee print
Free Shipping in U.S.
$10 International Shipping
1/2" border on sides

He also has lots of other prints

Brian Ewing's "Queens Of The Stone Age"

Queens Of The Stone Age
18"x24" 5-color screen print
signed & numbered edition of 25

Use promo code " ifonly " to receive 10% off... which is basically like getting free shipping!
He has only 15 copies available



Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kenny Smith's "Eat Drink and Be Merry" DMB

Dave Mathew's Band inspired
18 x 24 2-color screen print
Hand numbered out of 100
Printed by Monolith Press.
All orders are expected to ship during the week of August 15, 2011.
Regular $15
AP $25


Mondo Mystery Movie Ticket Sale TODAY

Tickets are on sale today.  Poster price is included in the ticket cost.  Show's on 8/31 in Austin, Texas.

Tickets will be on sale TODAY 8/2 @ about 12pm CST

Click HERE for info

Click HERE for Tickets

Peaceful Traveler's “The Moon”

the moon
24 x 17.5
4 color screenprint on white, or recycled cardstock
hand drawn
edition - 50

the moon - framed
27 x 21
4 color screenprint on wood
luan ply - sealed w/ shellac
hand drawn / hand screened

the moon - glow in the dark
24 x 17.5
hand drawn
4 color screenprint on white

Matt Dangler's "Goonies-Sloth"

Limited Edition
100% cottoon Rag
6 X 8

Tim Doyle has 2 new Kurt Vonnegut Prints

“Got To Be Kind”
16 x 20 screenprint
Limited to only 15

“Become Unstuck”,
Based on Slaughterhouse-Five
18 x 24 screenprint
Limited to 100
(Personally I love this, very cool)


Angryblue has a bunch of new stuff

There are more items on their site!