Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gallery 1988 The Old School Video Game Art Show On Sale Now

Proton Factories' "Kong 3.1"

12" x 18"
4 color screenprint on Cream Speckletone French Paper
Edition of 90
Hand Pulled
"A portion of the proceeds go directly to the conservation initiative, "The Drill Project". Through the use of film, they are working to help prevent the extinction of the very large and obscure species of primate called the drill. For more information or for further support, visit"

Mark Brabant's "Synchronous Evening" (AKA 'Cloud Trees')

36" x 13" • Edition of 190 • 5-colors on 100 lb. white stock. $40.00

Friday, September 16, 2011

Harborcoat Press releases Emilia Brintnall "Untitled" & Eva Wylie "Embedded Threads"

Emilia Brintnall "Untitled"

One color Intaglio-type printed on a 24" x 31.5" sheet of Hahnemuhle Copperplate. "Untitled" has a plate size of 18"x24" and an edition size of 20.  

Eva Wylie "Embedded Threads"

Printed on Hahnemuhle Copperplate paper, 19 x 19.5, Limited to 25, for $150

BUY them HERE 

Roq la Rue Gallery presents Yumiko Kayukawa's 'Coming Home'

"Stars (Hoshitachi)"
The show runs 9/9 - 10/7
Visit the Roq la Rue Gallery HERE
Buy her work HERE
Or if you live near Seattle visit them here:
2312 2nd Ave.
Seattle, WA 98121
Wed - Sat: 1-6 PM
Closed Sun - Tue.

Ernesto Yerena and Philip Lumbang's "Owl of the Dead"

Sketch HPMS
Edition of 45
18" x 24"
Hand pulled on 100 rag paper with hand torn edges

Collage and Sketch HPMS will also be available.
On sale today, 9/16, @ a random time.

Subliminal Projects "3 Kings" Show

September 17th - October 8th, 2011
Opening Reception:
Saturday, September 17th, 2011 / 8-11pm
Valet Parking Provided


Subliminal Projects is proud to present its opening fall show 3 Kings, on view September 17 through October 8, 2011. In classic NYC Subway Graffiti lore, a "King" is one who has achieved the most recognition for not only excellence in style but for the mark they have made on the culture. For over thirty years these "3 Kings" have been at the top of the game. Their history-making rise to international prominence from the subway tunnels of New York City was recently chronicled in MOCA's "Art In The Streets" exhibition. At Subliminal Projects they will be presenting their contemporary work created exclusively for this exhibition along with classic pieces. Please join us at a reception for the artists on Saturday, September 17, from 8-11p.m.

Fab 5 Freddy is well known as Hip Hop's ambassador to the world. His early work with Blondie on the hit "Rapture," his creation of the seminal film "Wild Style" (directed by Charlie Ahearn) and his groundbreaking shows at the FUN Gallery brought graffiti art, rap music and break-dancing to the big stage. He would go on to co-produce and host "Yo, MTV Raps!", the first show to regularly feature this culture on TV. Starting with his famous "Campbell's Soup Can" subway car homage to Andy Warhol, Fred has been at the vanguard-- and his new work is no exception.

Lee Quinones is generally recognized as the greatest graffiti artist of all time. His ten whole car train with the Fabulous Five is a feat that has never been matched. Lee was also the creator of the graffiti writers' creed, "If art is a crime, let God forgive me." From his first show at the FUN Gallery in 1982 "Rust-O-LEEum", he has never looked back, expanding his painting in extremely sophisticated ways while often including a touching look at the past.

Futura 2000 had his first one man show at the FUN Gallery in 1981 and with his unique, ethereal style became one of the FUN's most successful artists. He was instrumental in bringing graffiti art to Europe and beyond with rock group The Clash, painting back drops on tour and designing album art. Futura was also one of the first artists to work with manufacturers of transformer figures and clothing designs. His otherworldly new work is always eagerly awaited.
In 1981, Patti Astor was famous as "The Queen of The Downtown Screen". Having worked with such directors as Amos Poe, Jim Jarmusch and Eric Mitchell, she was starring in her 12th beyond low budget "No Wave Cinema" film, UNDERGROUND USA, (the punk rock Sunset Boulevard), enjoying a six month run as the midnight movie at the St. Mark's Cinema. Fab 5 Freddy (Fred Brathwaite) had come downtown to check it out and so the "King of Uptown" met the "Queen of Downtown".
Unbelievably at that time no one in the downtown Mudd Club scene had ever heard of graffiti art, break-dancing or rap. However, that was soon to change. With partner Bill Stelling, Patti opened FUN Gallery, the first art gallery in NYC's East Village. From 1981-1985 this gritty tenement storefront was the epicenter of the early 80's cultural explosion in art, music and dance. With Fab 5 Freddy leading the way, downtown punk rock met uptown hip-hop. English rockers The Clash and the Sex Pistols partied with Futura 2000 and the Rock Steady Crew, Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf traded tags with DONDI and LEE and Jean Michel Basquiat spun platters with Afrika Bambaata, everyone rocking to the box at the FUN, while renowned collectors, art historians and museum directors joined in the party.
Though the FUN Gallery's duration was brief, the barriers had come down and the art world would never be the same.
Join these longtime friends and veterans of the most important cultural explosion of the last thirty years at our fall exhibition 3 Kings."
Source: Subliminal Projects Newsletter

Brad Klausen's "2011 Pearl Jam Hamilton" Gigposter & more

Regular 16.75″ x 24″ Limited to 200 for $60
Blue Variant 16.75″ x 24″ Limited to 20 for $120
"The Pattern of Peace" 15.5″ x 24″ Limited to 100 for $35
On sale Friday 9/30 @ 10am PST

Jimiyo's “Love Cthulhu” & “Veritas”

“Love Cthulhu”     $29.98
 “Veritas”     $34.99

Limited to 100 (only 77 will be Signed & Numbered)
18" x 24"

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Star Wars Stand Up To Cancer Video & T-Shirts

I Always love cool stuff for a good cause.  Get your Stand Up 2 Cancer Star Wars T-Shirt HERE

Tim Doyle's "Riff Raff" Print & DVD

18" x 24"
Signed and Numbered
Limited to 100
"The poster is an amazing representation of the film, North Avenue Beach, Lifeguards and Chicago.
The DVD also has the art on the cover and the DVD itself and is also limited to only 100 copies.  Get it signed by writer/director Justen Naughton."

The poster & DVD are $25 each or $40 together.

Ames Bros 20th Anniversary Pearl Jam Ottawa Poster

 Original  Limited to 215  $60
Variant  $125
20" x 26"
Signed & Numbered

Mondo presents Craig Drake's "Seven of Nine" Star Trek print

36"x24" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 145.  $65

 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 130. Sold only as a set. $85/set

Inspired by Star Trek Voyager's Seven of Nine character.  They are supposed to represent her character in the episodes Scorpion: Part 2 and The Gift, which if you watched the show were two of the best episodes.

These are on sale tomorrow at a random time.  Usually between 11am-1pm EST

Charlie Immer's "Jelly Face"

11" x 14" Archival Pigment Ink on 330gsm Cotton Paper
Signed & Numbered
Limited to 50

Dan McCarthy's "The Darkness" GID Print

in the light
in the dark

4 color screen print (glows in the dark)
18" x 24"
$40 ($45 outside u.s.)
This is Dan's September 2011 print & personally I love it.  2 months in a row he has released great work.

Iron Jaiden's "The Visitor"

"The Visitor"
"The Visitor (Red Variant)"
"Cinema Overdrive is extremely excited to welcome artist Iron Jaiden to the fold, and we were even more excited when we found out that he loves this nutzoid, bonkers, logic-defying Italian sci-fi masterpiece as much as we do! Measuring 18" x 24", this print is both designed and printed by Iron Jaiden (and the Kingdom of Nonsense) and is limited to a total run of 66 prints. Each print is hand signed and numbered as well."
This info. came straight from their website.  Also,People will be able to buy them at the 9/14 screening.  Then people on their mailing list will get a chance.  If any remain after that, which I doubt, they will be on sale on their website Friday 9/16.  As a bonus, mailing list orders may get a red variant, that was created for friends and family.
To sign up to their mailing list or to buy on 9/16 visit them HERE

"The Bungaloo Store of Dreams Come True"

"Talkdemonic" GigPoster
"9 to 5"
"Explosions In The Sky" Gigposter
18" x 24"
Limited Editions
Numbered & Signed by John Vogl
$20 each

Dolk's “Balaclava” & ”Mushroom Girl”

 “Balaclava” Edition of 250 prints. Size: 65x65 cm Price: £175.
”Mushroom Girl” Edition of 250 prints. Size: 80x50 cm Price: £175.
On sale 9/20 @ a random time

Koren Shadmi's Print Shop is Now Open

"Light Eater"
There are a lot of prints there.  This was one of my favorites.  They seem to all be 13’x19’, Signed – Printed on 310 gr Hahnemühle FineArt Paper & around $50.

Visit Koren's store HERE

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


"Limited to just 75 tubes, each tube contains 5 minty-fresh prints for a mere $50!
Each tube will have at least ONE "top shelf" print including some past sell-outs from Jon's 'special reserve' stock, be it-
The Zelda/WEEZER gigposter,
The Black Keys Columbus gig poster
"Nothing is Fucked" Lebowski art print print

Or any number of past and current rarities from Jon, including ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE/MONDOTEES prints!"


8 Bits Champions artshow in Paris Sneak Peeks

Zelda by Glen Brogan
 Mario by Flow
 Megaboyz by Flow

Eric "The Gute" Gonzalez "Super Muerto Bros."

This show premieres tomorrow 9/15 @ la Flaq, 36, rue Quincampoix, Paris.  It runs from 9/15 to 10/15.  If you don't live in Paris you can visit them for more info. @ and the Autumn Society

Aaron Draplin's "Minnesota – Hunting Season Edition"

Limited to 175
Signed and Numbered
24" x 30" 
Four color print on French Poptone Orange Fizz paper
On sale Thursday 9/15 @ 2pm CST HERE

"It's a Small World" Exhibit & Book Signing @ Gallery Nucleus

On Display: September 17 - October 3, 2011
Opening Reception: September 17, 7 to 10pm
"There is just one moon and one golden sun and a smile means friendship to everyone. Though the mountains divide and the oceans are wide, it's a small, small world after all."
Timed with the release of illustrator Joey Chou's latest children's book from Disney press, a select group of talent will contribute work paying homage to this beloved and enduring theme of global peace. The book features Chou's illustrations interpreting the Sherman Brothers classic song written for the popular Disney park attraction.

View a select preview of work here

  • Joey Chou on hand signing the new book
  • Meet artists from Disney & Pixar
  • Live drawing by contributing artists
  • Win prizes in our raffle contest
  • Free admission & refreshments
  • This is an all-ages event


*This info. comes straight from the Gallery Nucleus Newsletter.

Tim Doyle's "Logan's Run" @ The Astor Theatre

Purple Variant

This will be on sale Sunday, 9/18, at the Astor Theatre in Australia.  There will be a regular edition (red) limited to 200 & a variant edition (purple) limited to 60 printed on metallic ice silver paper.  They are both 16" x 24" and will be signed & numbered.  If you don't live in Australia, like me, don't worry.  Some will be sold at their website next week be sure to join their mailing list for info. or check back here.

Visit Astor Theatre HERE