Friday, December 23, 2011

Mark Lone's "Who You Gonna Call?"

Limited to 95 copies.
6 colour Screen Print including a metallic silver and gloss dark grey
There is also a hidden ghost on the print
Created for the Hyde Park Picturehouse in Leeds.

Friday 30th December 5.40PM to 7.40PM
Sunday 1ST January 5.40PM to 7.40PM

£23.00 delivered to the UK (first class)
£27.00 delivered to the US (first class)

They also still have some Rhys Cooper's "Back to the Future"
Limited edition of 200
16 x 26"
Black/Brown/Blue/Metallic Copper, Silver and Gold
It's for a good cause:
"We are rasing money through the sale of this print for Team Fox, so far we've donated $1500. With your support the $2000 target is in our sights. Please help us make a difference."

Each print with shipping costs are:
International Airsure = £37
International 1st Class = £32
UK = £28

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