Monday, September 19, 2011

BIG NEWS from Kevin Tong! New site, prints, show, & t-shirts...

NOTE: The new site and blog will be up and fully useable on Monday (9/19/11).
It has been years in the making, but I have finally finished improving my website. Please go there and check it out. In addition to being formatted completely differently than other sites, it offers new features that allow viewers to peruse galleries, see photos and closeups, read lots of information and data, make purchases, and stay up the latest news with the least amount of clicking.
The blog has also been redone to match the aesthetic of the new site and you’ll notice that I have started a tumblr! I’d also like to take this time to announce the dissolution of my newsletter. It took a lot of work to set up and it cost money to send out email campaigns, so I am now resolved to having devoted fans (you!) just follow my blog, twitter, or facebook, which I constantly update with the fervor of a religious fanatic.
I designed the new site myself with the help of Danny, who also prints most of my work. Danny was the one who did the grunt work PHP coding though. My contribution was staying out of his way on that end. Surprisingly, neither the quality of the prints or the site waned in any way. The blog’s custom WP theme was built largely by the amazing Harry Harrison with a lot of help by Jonathan Selig, another amazing guy. Too many amazing people on the dance floor.
Please stomp around the new site and make yourselves comfortable and let me know what you all think in the comments here.
NEW PRINTS and Sales Info (Contest Too!)

First up, here’s a preview of my tour poster for Bon Iver.

The posters are being sold at the shows on the tour right now and will be available for sale on my site at a later date after the tour is over. Additional sales information about my sale will be posted in this blog at a later date before the sale.
These posters are 4 color (split fountain) screen prints on 18 x 24 inch 100 lb white cover paper. Since it’s a tour poster, the edition size is huge. Only my copies will be signed and numbered. Here’s some additional photos of the poster.
Kevin Tong Illustration and Miles To Go Clothing have joined forces…
…To bring you book themed posters (t-shirts for your wall) and t-shirts (posters for your torso).
First up is Anthem by Ayn Rand, a hope inspiring novella (joke) about your every day fun loving distopian society that seeks to suppress individuality.

Anthem is a 3 color screen print on 18 x 24 inch 100 lb black cover paper in an edition of 150. It will be for sale for $30 in my online store on Wednesday 9/21/11 at a random time.
Next is Brave New World, a novel by Aldous Huxley, a book I hope will be made into an animated children’s movie someday.

Brave New World is a 3 color screen print on 18 x 24 inch 100 lb Dark Blue cover paper in an edition of 150. It will be for sale for $30 in my online store on Wednesday 9/21/11 at a random time.
In addition to having these as posters, Miles To Go Clothing (seriously awesome shirts) is offering both designs as t-shirts starting Wednesday, 9/21/11. They’ll also be launching their marvelous new fall line which features t-shirts of different books designed by different artists.

The t-shirts and the posters will have to be ordered separately from Kevin Tong Illustration and Miles To Go Clothing, respectively.
T-Shirt Contest
Be ready to bring it on Wednesday (9/21/11) because two random orders for either the Anthem or Brave New World posters will be selected to win A FREE T-SHIRT courtesy of Miles To Go Clothing. All you have to do is order a poster and you’ll be automatically entered to win.
Look out Europe, here comes that poster artist you thought was only a myth.
That’s right, I’ll be coming to Europe to cause all kinds of shenanigans and then some. It’s my first time, so be gentle Europe.
It all starts with Flatstock 32 / Europe 6 at the Reeperbahn Music Festival in Hamburg, Germany from Sept. 22 to 24 2011. I’ll be there with a booth, representing our country in ways that would make even the really sleazy founding father (YOU know the one) hang his head in shame.
From there, I will be traveling to Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, the UK, and then Ireland before returning to the loving arms of my homeland.
In the UK, I will then participate in Renegade Craft Fair London, their first venture onto foreign soils (hopefully it won’t end as a soiled venture). I’ll have a booth there and will be showing those Brits the classy side of Americans. Renegade Craft Fair London will take place at the Old Truman Brewery from October 8-9.
I’ll be tweeting and facebooking (yes, that’s a verb now) regularly about where I’ll be. If you live in the areas I’ll be going to, I’d love to meet up. Let’s use facebook as the communication medium.
The last, but largest piece of news is that I will be having a show in London with my good friend, John Vogl (Bungaloo) at The Flood Gallery. The show opens October 13th. We will both be in attendance and will debut all new art and have a bounty of existing poster designs on display and for sale.
For my part, I have 8 new works to debut at opening night. I’ll be introducing a series of 6 prints called “Unfamiliar Objects”. Here’s a peek at two of them:
Unfamiliar Objects – The View

Unfamiliar Objects – Photographic Memories

To see a preview of John’s contributions, please check out the Facebook Page for the show (liking it would be awesome!).
Wow, I am so excited. Sorry for the super long blog post, but I had to get it all out there because I am flying out Monday night! This is the most exciting time of my life.

 Source: Tragic Sunshine Newsletter

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