Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Apocalypse Calendar + Jay Ryan Print

Jay Ryan's “Coronal Mass Ejection 2012″
18″ x 24″ nine color screenprint
Signed & Numbered
Limited to 85

12 artists depict how the world will end in a 11" x 17" 12 month 2012 calender .  These artists include Jay Ryan, Zander Cannon, Jenny Frison, Steve Seeley, Maris Wicks, Chandler O'Leary, Ryan Browne, Thomas Quinn, Dan Hertzberg, Sean Dove, Matt Moore, and Nick Pitarra.

Donate $60 for the print + calender
Donate $50 for a signed calender + extra calender to write on
Donate $20 for just the calender

BUY them HERE 

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