Monday, January 2, 2012

Robert Brandenburg's "Pooh... and other sh*t" Show

Pooh... and other sh*t
hijacked art by Robert Brandenburg

Opens this Saturday, January 7th from 7-10pm

Gallery1988 Venice
214 Pier Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Here is the info. from Gallery 1988's Newsletter:
"We are so excited to open our first show of 2012, featuring our new favorite artist, Robert Brandenburg! We first saw Robert's work after his nephew stumbled into our Melrose location, ran home and convinced his uncle to submit to the gallery, because he just couldn't imagine any other gallery in the world loving his work as much as we would. You see, Robert has a pretty fun art career. He finds old paintings, photos, advertisements and prints at garage sales, estate sales and auctions and adds pop culture elements into those paintings in the smartest and funniest ways. But the most impressive part of these hijacked pieces, is that he can EXACTLY match whatever painting (OR PHOTO!) he's adding himself to.  Check out this before and after example:

 "Searching for Suri" BEFORE
"Searching for Suri" AFTER

Don't miss Robert's first solo show with us this Saturday from 7-10pm at our Venice location!"

Source: Gallery 1988 Newsletter

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