Monday, September 26, 2011

Hold Up Art Presents Kraken's Gigclees

Here is some info. about Kraken from Hold Up Art:
"Known for his dark, gothic and somewhat disturbing images, Kraken is a highly sought after commercial graphic artist in Mexico. His work has been used to brand products from alcoholic beverages to sneakers, from apparel lines to bands. As a member of Mexico’s E3 Collective, Kraken has been involved in numerous group shows around the world. His work has appeared in an Amnesty International art book to raise money for the cause in Darfur, and he has had his work featured in an installation by the Centro Culturala de España. Kraken’s work is often recognized for his use of repetitive graphics and what could be called an obsession with eyes.

“I am inspired by different things when I work: comic books, movies, but mostly emotions. I get a lot of inspiration from reading psychological case studies of serial killers,” shares Kraken, “That’s where I got the idea of deforming humanity with unnatural light and dark colors, and repetitive imagery, like eyes. The eyes represent different things in my work, but lately they represent anxiety. I have this notion that your eyes see things differently when you’re having a panic attack; your stomach aches and your palms itch. It’s like those parts of your body are filled with eyes.”

Kraken has produced gig posters and album artwork for numerous bands and record labels, but his latest collaboration has been with Adrian Terrazas-Gonzalez on his solo jazz project, which is part of the El Regimen Collective. Kraken has found profound inspiration in Adrian’s saxophone compositions."

There are many prints that can be purchased HERE.

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