Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jermaine Rogers’ “Used” & “Aleppin Sane” vinyl figure

Regular Edition
16″ x 24″ screenprint
Limited to 100

Foil Variant
Limited to 20

- ABOUT THE PIECE -September 2011 marks the 20th anniversary of a pretty special album in rock and roll history. Jermaine explains:

'When a young band from Seattle unleashed their second album onto the world, everyone took notice. An entire generation responded to a voice that 'came from you and me.' I remember the first time I heard a track from that record: I was in a used bookstore on a Thursday evening, buying a book about Jack Davis (the EC Artist.) The radio in the store was tuned to Rice University radio (KTRU): they used to play an amazing hardcore show on Thursday evenings. The DJ mentioned that he was about to play a song from the new Nirvana record. I'd heard the band before and liked them, though me and my pals back then felt the cream-of-the-Sub-Pop-crop was Mr. Mark Arm and the mighty Mudhoney. Anyways, the DJ played 'Lounge Act'....& everyone in the store (it was a pretty eccentric clientele) was nodding their heads to the music. I remember a guy who was wearing a Cure shirt asking the guy at the counter, 'Who is that?'. Remember thinking to myself, 'Wow. It's a 'Pop' song!'. I guess I was hooked right there. Eventually, the mainstream media realized that there was a huge segment of the population who preferred an 'alternative'...& they provided a full array of 'also-rans', as they are prone to do.

Sure, no one's saying that Nirvana was responsible for everything that happened post-1991: there were tons of bands and various record labels, scores of little punk-pop records and amazing shows which provided an intricate 'root system' of sorts...for the tree that would soon sprout up and proclaim itself as 'the new sound.' Still, you gotta admit that this band, & in particular the songwriting on that record, cast an intimidating shadow over the world of popular music and set a new standard that few could measure up to...then and now. Not bad for a guy who hated himself and wanted to die.

When I first released the 'Used' art print back in 2004, it was immediately snatched up by collectors. I originally created the print to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of KC's death. Now, on this 20 year anniversary of the seminal piece of work that most defined him, I want to release this variant, sporting a warm color palette different from the cool blues and teals of the regular version. So many people have gone in circles trying to find this print, so I feel it's also a little gift from me to them.' 

On Sale 9/30 @ 3pm EST


“Aleppin Sane” vinyl figure
"Based on the iconic imagery originally created in 2008 for a Foo Fighters poster, the 'Aleppin Sane' vinyl figure measures 8 inches tall and commands attention with zen-like calm. There are a total of 7 colorway variants which will be released for the figure. More info about these releases and where they will be available is forthcoming. The regular edition is now available worldwide at all the usual spots where designer vinyl is sold, including these fine establishments:" 

Rotofugi :
Toy Tokyo :
Tenacious Toys :
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