Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Audrey Pongracz will be “Reclaimed” in Wyandotte MI

Opening Friday October 21st, in Wyandotte MI
Here is a little info taken straight from Perfect Laughter's blog!

"Since starting this blog three years ago we have wanted to curate a show featuring artists whom we admire, we just lacked a venue. When we were approached earlier this year by River’s Edge Gallery about curating a show, we jumped at the opportunity. We contacted all of our favorite artists and were surprised and flattered at the response we received. Virtually everyone agreed to be part of the show.
We decided that we wanted to do a themed show, but didn’t want to limit the artists creativity, nor force them to work outside of their signature styles. We decided on found objects, and titled the show “Reclaimed”. We were pretty loose with the definition of “found objects”, so we were eager to see what everyone came up with. The results have been fantastic, we have received work that includes old wood, paper, old screenprints, electrical parts, book covers, and even charcoal headstone rubbings."
Audrey Pongracz will be at the show and since I got this info. from her newsletter please visit her site HERE 
Here is a little preview of her piece

Source: Audrey Pongracz Newsletter

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