Friday, October 21, 2011

Tom Whalen's "The Roost" Soundwave Transformers Print

Here is Tom's description:
"here's my entry for ltd. art gallery's inaugural show, "POP! the art of pop culture", which opens this friday, oct 21, 2011.

i've been a massive transformers fan since i was a kid, and with that badass, monotone voice, stoic personality, and his army of cassette minions, soundwave's always been one of my favorites.

i thought it'd be amusing to portray his massive frame be a resting spot for his loyal servant, lazerbeak, as well as a host of assorted small fowl."

"rumble, lazerbeak, ravage, eject, operation warfare."

10" x 20"
archival giclee on smooth fine art paper, 270 gsm, 15 mil
limited to 15

Visit Tom HERE 
Visit Ltd. Art Gallery HERE

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