Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sam Wolfe Connelly "Semiprecious" Exhibit Now Online

"Spoke Art is pleased to present new works by artist Sam Wolfe Connelly, from his recent solo show "Semiprecious." In addition to a variety of new framed works (above), and a new print release, Sam has also surprised us and his fans by offering a small selection of affordable and original sketches. Check them out below, or view them in our online store here:


This series of illustrations will be Sam's first solo show following his recent graduation from the prestigious SCAD and recent relocation to New York City.

"Semiprecious" is based around the amorphous narrative of being left by someone. This visual chronicle evokes the feeling of being flawed and knowing that there is always going to be something more precious than you. Sam's drawings are inspired by grave robbing and underground mining; two subjects that darkly probe the depths of both the physical and spiritual worlds. The artist communicates what it is like to try and steal back what you've lost, but ultimately being stuck in a black mineshaft with nothing but soot and diamonds around you.

Lighting is addressed with steadfast urgency in this collection of works. Connelly lets light guide the viewer to places previously shrouded in darkness: only exposed by careful introspection. This diverse set of pieces varies from the wholly subterranean, to the light and effervescent. Through the lens of precious stones themselves, the artist explores the way light is captured, reflected and transformed by natures most sought after and rare treasures. He produces intricate relationships between subject, stone, artist and viewer.

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About the artist:
Sam Wolfe Connelly was born in 1988 and has recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design. His work has been featured in the Society of Illustrators (NYC), the New York Times.com and the Creative Quarterly. Some of his clients include Playboy Magazine, Hasbro, Colors Magazine, SCAD, and Coheed & Cambria.

More info on the artist here:" 

Source: Spoke Art Newsletter

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