Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nakatomi Inc. presents Logan's Run, Doyle's QvC Wood Prints, & Pop-Sub Print Club

"Logan's Run" Regular $40 HERE
"Logan's Run" Variant $70 HERE
 Pick them up HERE
 Pop-Sub Print Club 6-set SUBSCRIPTION!

"This is a subscription for the first 6 releases (Volume 1-6) in the New Season of the Pop-Sub 7" Print Club.

Each release will feature at least 3 7" prints, and have a loose 'theme', curated by Aye Jay! Each set is packaged in a custom printed 45rpm record sleeve w/ an outer plastic sleeve for safe keeping!

The individual sets will retail anywhere from $20-40 each, but here's your chance to get them at a price of $20 each.

This subscription will include Volumes 1 pictured in the thumbnails to the right!

Artists who sent in confirmations to this season of Pop-Sub include-

John Baizley
Jacob bannon
Geoff Darrow
Frank Kozik
J Otto Seinbold
Art Chantry
Michael Munter
Tim Doyle

Please note, this line-up is subject to change as schedule conflicts may arise."
Sign up HERE
You can purchase Vol 1(included in the subscription) separately HERE

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